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Why You NEED Video Ads In Your Campaigns

No modern marketing campaign is complete without compelling, converting video ads to draw in new customers and heighten brand awareness. But why exactly should you focus on video ads instead of static, image, or text-based ads?

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High Conversion, Maximum Profits

For starters, video ads convert viewers into customers better than any other type of ad, period. If you want to maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) – which means maximizing the bang you get for your advertising buck – then you’ll want to make as many excellent video ads as you can.

A single well-crafted video ad that connects with your target consumers can successfully generate tons of conversions for your business. Even if a single video ad takes more time and money to create, you’ll likely get better results from that video advertisement than you would with a dozen subpar still image ads.

Audiences Prefer Video To Static Images

Maybe, more importantly, your target audience, regardless of niche, probably prefers to watch informative and entertaining video ads rather than stare at static image ads. In fact, recent data suggests that over half of people would rather watch a high-quality video ad than look at an image-based ad.

Give the people what they want! Your business will be rewarded for it.

Over 10,000+ Converting Video Advertisements To:







Unlock Profitable Growth On Facebook & Instagram.

Increase LTV by 25%
Increase Ad spend by 50%
Increase ROAS by 250%
Increase Conversion rate by 4%
Bar graph showing a 2.5x average ROAS increase for new customers.
Decrease CPA by 30%
Decrease CPC by 45%
Decrease competition by 100%
Decrease Ad fatigue by 65%

Reach Those Mobile Users With Killer Video Ads

Today, over half of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. People love surfing the web on their phones or tablets, so they end up seeing most of their ads on those devices as well.

Fortunately, video ads do super well among mobile users. Even more importantly, some statistics suggest that people are more likely to watch relatively small video pieces (up to about 30 seconds or so in length) to the end than they are when they are on a desktop computer.

Want people to watch your ads to the end? Make them mobile-friendly, and your conversion rates will skyrocket.

Information And Education All-In-One

Video ads have a big advantage over traditional advertisements through other mediums – they can inform and entertain simultaneously and with much more detail.

It’s tough to develop a single image that can draw a laugh and pique a target consumer’s interest. It’s a lot easier to do both with a high-quality video ad crafted by content experts like VisCap Media.

Video ads can range from as short as 10 seconds long up to two minutes or more. All that time and space gives you the opportunity to:

Introduce a pain point

Introduce your solution

Make your brand stick in the mind of your target consumers

With the expertise of VisCap Media, your ads will be converting, compelling, and connecting to your target audience much more than before. Each advertising dollar you spend will go further and lead to more profits

Better SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is key for any brand looking to maximize awareness and reach across the web. Video ads can make your SEO even better. That’s because search engines love video content.

Big search engine companies like Google put a priority on any high-quality video content. So what does this mean for you?

Place video ads on social media platforms or your own website, and your brand will be easier to find by your target audience. Post videos on blogs, embed them on social media posts, and more for maximum results.

Don’t know how to do this? Good news for you – VisCap Media can show you the ropes, so your video ads reach as many people as possible. 

Clearer, Deeper Connections To Customers Or Clients

Above all else, video ads are worthwhile because of one big thing: they connect more readily to your customers or clients than any other type of advertisement, full-stop.

That’s partially because you can tell compelling, complete stories with video ads in a way you can’t with other types of marketing vectors. But it’s also because crafting video ads with a human-first, personable approach makes your marketing more likely to seem genuine and connect with your people.

Every brand needs this, especially since consumers are more ad-savvy and aware of marketing tricks than ever before. But, more importantly, consumers want brands that they can trust and connect to, not companies where they can spend money once and then skip out.

If you want to forge long-lasting connections with your customers, you’ll lean into the advertising hard. With VisCap Media at your side, the transition will be more than worth it.

How VisCap Media Markets To The MOON!

VisCap Media has the best of the best in marketing specialists. We aren’t your everyday advertisers – we create compelling video content that works every time, as each of our members has a background in marketing or video content creation. The results speak for themselves.

To date, we’ve helped multiple six or seven-figure brands boost their marketing results far beyond expectations. We don’t just create video ads for brands’ websites; we also make excellent ads for social media platforms and general marketing needs.

We can work with your brand’s in-house marketing team to supercharge their efforts and integrate your own approach with our expertise.

At VisCap Media, we:

  • Only cast the best talent in our productions

  • Always guarantee high production value

  • Absorb your team’s knowledge of your own brand to ensure that we represent you accurately

  • Write top-tier copy 

  • And more

Done For You. Video Ads That Work!

Absorbing your team’s knowledge of your brand and customer & combining it with daily updates and communication channels we become a single unit operating together. PS. We Love slack… 

With your team’s knowledge, extensive research and being tapped into video advertising. Your team creates irresistible angles, engaging visual, and conversion centered creatives. 

Two words… Direct Response. All your copy is written with a single purpose of turning more clicks into conversion effortlessly. (Yes! Review, Revise, Approval all happen before shooting)

Giving your video advertising compelling visuals that resonates with your audience. 

(Yes! Review, Revise, Approval all happen before shooting)

With thousands of options available, your provided ONLY the very best to 

Providing you with ONLY the very best talent option to pick from! 

Now! Lights, cameras and capturing creative content! 

Your designated production team captures 100s of creative clips. (We like to overshoot)

Quickly your editing team combines every piece of your team’s efforts into Scroll Stopping, aesthetically pleasing & engaging Video Advertising.

Once internal revisions and high standards are met, using efficient collaboration tools, we work together on final revisions prior to launch!

Numbers don’t lie… Working closely with media buyers we identify which triggers and elements are leading to positive success!

Using your data, we approach new content creation with optimized performance rapidly to scale and outperform competition.

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