Why Advertise on Social Media At All?

Modern online marketing isn’t just buying PPC ads to display on Google. If you want to supercharge your marketing efforts, you’ll want to market on social media. Trust us. We know what we’re talking about.


Fast Growth On A Small Budget

Don’t have a giant-sized budget for your marketing campaign? No problem! Through digital and social media marketing experts like VisCap, you’ll enjoy fast growth on a comparatively small marketing budget.

What does that mean for the long-term? It means you have more marketing dollars to spend on more ads, driving more conversion and engagement with your target audience. That means more profitability: a greater Return on Ad Spend.

When it comes to ROAS, social media marketing is a no-brainer!


Partner Retention Rate


of Business Built on Referrals


AVG ROAS Increase


AVG CPA Decrease


Countries Receiving Ad Delivery

Maximum Ad Reach

Facebook and Instagram have several billion users between them. In other words, marketing on these platforms is a slam dunk in terms of customer reach potential.

If you want to reach the maximum number of people possible, you have to be marketing on social media. Create top-tier ads and video content on Facebook, and you’ll get higher converts, more traffic, and more profits in record time.

Personal Connections, Emotional Bonds

Other marketing agencies generally miss another understated element of social media marketing: People use social media to connect and forge genuine relationships. That should be the primary goal of any company’s marketing campaign from the very beginning. If you bond with your target consumers, they’ll be loyal customers for years to come.

The best way to do that? Social media marketing.

Create content that speaks to your target audience and converts on social media, and you’ll create personal connections with your ideal consumers. But, again, this all ties back to Return on Ad Spend; you want the best bang for your buck when you spend cash on a marketing campaign.

Social media marketing helps you get those results better than almost anywhere else.


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Crush The Competition

Any business looking to succeed these days is advertising on social media. Sure, that means you’ll face significant competition when you post your first ads on Facebook or Instagram.

But competition can be a good thing! Competition usually drives high-quality creative effort and shows you where to focus your targeting for the best results.

Even better, dominating on social media will help you to crush your competition. This advantage can be key if your organization is in a competitive niche or industry. There isn’t room for two top dogs – become the best company in your niche by making the best social media ads for your industry, and you’ll push out any competitors.

What We Do For You.

VisCap Media saves you from the hassle, headaches, guesswork, and costly failures of digital marketing campaigns with video advertising. We work as an extension of your in-house team. VisCap Media injects jet fuel into your campaigns with explosive creative performance conversion-focused content. We help you scorch your competition with next level visual capital.

How We Do It For You.

VisCap Media saves you from the hassle, headaches, guesswork, and costly failures of digital marketing campaigns with video advertising. We work as an extension of your in-house team. VisCap Media injects jet fuel into your campaigns with explosive creative performance conversion-focused content. We help you scorch your competition with next level visual capital.

Aggressively Scaling, Creative Converting Video Ads... Digital Marketing Success Stories.

What some of our industry-leading partners have to say!

Nick Shackelford

Jason Wong

Matt Schmitt

How VisCap Markets To The MAX On Social Media

Maybe you’ve already had a bad experience with another marketing agency. It’s understandable if you’re hesitant to try out someone new.

But VisCap is different from other video marketing agencies.

We always make highly personable content that converts when your target audience sees your ads. We’re social media marketers at heart–not just digital marketers that do a little social media advertising on the side.

What does that mean for you? Nothing less than your marketing campaign reaching the stars.We’re laser-focused on providing results and knowing exactly what to focus on when making video ads for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We’ve had several years of stellar results, and our portfolio is chock full of success stories from our previous clients.

When you team up with VisCap, you team up with the best social media marketers in the industry, period.

When we partner with your marketing team, you’ll see results as soon as the first ads go out.


Success Stories

Facebook? Instagram? Why Not Both?!

With VisCap Media, you don’t have to choose between Facebook or Instagram. That’s because we can create specialized ad content for both platforms.

You’ll be able to control most of your ads and targeting features right from the Facebook Ad Manager. We’ll work with your marketing team to create the best advertising content for your needs, then show you how to leverage Facebook to its maximum effect.

This means you’ll be able to make a few high-quality ads and spread them to millions of people worldwide. We’ve already produced ads for people in more than 120 countries.

Why Choose Social Media Marketing Over Traditional Ads?

Sure, social media marketing can be effective, but why bother when you can make traditional ads instead?

Well, don’t you want your brand to be modern? If you stick to TV or PPC Google ads, you’ll be a dinosaur while your competitors surge ahead in the social media marketing sphere. They’ll reach more consumers in your industry or niche and convert them into paying customers while you are lagging.

The best way, by far, to maximize your profitability in the long term is to pivot to social media marketing while you still can. And the best way to corner the social media marketing niche in your industry is to partner with VisCap Media.

Have more questions? Want to dive into the details of what we can offer your brand? Contact us today, and let’s get started!


FACT – There is such a thing as a stupid question… But… Here are some answers to FAQs to help you smartly make a great decision to grow your business.

How long does it take?

Your content creation process is broken down strategically into a four-week system. From concept to fully tested with data in four weeks or less.

After your first month of content, this process can be shortened into two weeks at scale.

Meaning you test and scale with the highest profitable return and aggressive scale!

Can I just get one video to test it out?


After thousands of social media marketing ads created and millions of dollars spent, RESULTS prove a single video test is not an approach that should be taken for Testing.

Testing requires multiple different pieces of content if you are serious about finding the winners and growing your brand.

What is the process?

Your social media marketing content is created strategically using a four-week system.

Your content is created with a conversion-focused modular approach.

Simple Answer:

1st Week – Pre-Production

2nd Week – Production

3rd Week – Post Production

4th Week – Testing & Data Analysis

From there we double down and produce more of the content that is giving you the most profitable scale and results.

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Who do you work with?

We work with brands like you who are looking for and ready to scale their business to the next level effortlessly.

Our Partners include:

7-10 Figure Ecom Brands

8-9 Figure Amazon Brands

9-10 Figure Agencies

Who is not a good fit?

Working together is more than just a transaction.

For us, it about relationships and results.

If you have one or more of the following, we are likely not the right fit.

  • Looking for a one hit wonder
  • Does not believe in the importance of testing
  • Less than 1M in Annual Rev
  • Unable to commit 2-4 Hours per month
  • Poor at communication

on your content investment
until you do.
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