our systematized timelines

Week 0

creative integration

We kick our partnership off with a deep dive into your brand, your ad accounts and your best customers. In order for us to get to know your brand as well as you do, we need to learn from your mistakes and leverage your wins! Your VisCap team will brainstorms concepts internally, letting the creative collaboration flow, then that Friday we hop on a call with you and your internal team to get aligned to a T.

Week 1


The 5 ppppp’s… Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Yup, for us to create the highest performing ads for your brand we plan and map everything modularly. In addition, we cast and you approve your actors for your content.

Week 2


This is where the dream is brought to life with your dream team! We shoot your content to create a catalog of elements that we can continuously use to optimize your creatives month after month.

Week 3


Editing is immediately kicked off after your content moves out of production. Your content is run critically through internal revisions to judge the performance probability as well as quality standards. Once your content is in your hands, it’s time to scale!

Week 4

final delivery

The core of week 4 is rapid performance testing. Once your final videos are in your hand, we will help your media buying team test the creatives at hand with our single variable testing strategy. This week's worth of data will kick us off for the next month of the cycle which is much more heavily focused on creative iterations and variations.

what's next?

audit, iterate & Repeat


What's the process?

To hire us, first fill out our “Strategy Call Form” and select a time to hop on a video call with us via Calendly to discuss your needs and how we can fulfill them From there we will propose a contract that fits the needs of your brand, once we agree on a contract we will begin the Content Production Process.

How much does your service cost?

The prices of our services range depending on the needs of your brand. We create custom proposals for you based the content we believe is perfect for your needs!

We see ourselves as your “in-house content production team”, so we work with clients on a set monthly retainer.

Depending on the content your brand needs in a specific month, we can swap different creative assets of equal value.

*Prices can change at anytime.  *Additional fees can take place after the initial order is placed if certain custom requirements are requested.

What are the delivery times?

For most clients we deliver all assets agreed upon in their monthly contracts by the end of the month. But for timely content we offer a “rush delivery” option which allows you to get content within a week (7 business days).

Do you hire actors/ models?

Yes! We have our own Talent Director who sources the perfect actor for your content. Just let us know in the questionnaire if there’s a particular demographic you are looking for and we will make sure to find the best talent in that demographic! All talent costs are baked in costs in your monthly contract.

What if my product requires animals/pets?

Absolutely! We love including animals in videos! If your brand requires regular use of animals, those costs will be baked into the contract. However, there is no guarantee that the animal will be cooperative and thus the client may be subject to additional reshoot fees if we’re unable to capture the scenes. Content delivery may also be delayed.

What if I want additional actors/models?

No problem, just let us know how many and their look and we’d be happy to schedule them in addition to your contract. We charge a minimum of $150 per additional actor/model.

Do I get to pick what goes into the creative content?

Yes! We work collaboratively with your marketing team brainstorming ideas of the best content suited for your brand goals. Our Content Production Process allows you to approve all the shots in detail before we even move to the production phase.

Can you keep my product for future content?

Yes, we will keep your product for 30 days after our contracted has ended. If you decide to start another contract after 30 days of the completion of the previous contracts, you will have to resend the products to us.

After the 30 day period we will automatically donate the products to charity.

Can you send back my product(s)?

Yes, but you are responsible for sending a Pre-Paid Return Label with your product or emailing to [email protected].  There will be a $25 handling fee charge.

Is the content you deliver original?

Yes, all our content is created originally by our content creation team. Stock footage is never used unless requested and/or provided by the client.

What's your revision/ refund policy?

Here at VisCap Media, we value your satisfaction and strive to provide the best client experience.
If you're not satisfied with your deliverables and choose not to continue working with us, refunds will be issued at a 50% payback of the original contract price of appropriate content within 7 days after the refund has been approved. Client has up to 14 days after initial delivery to request a refund.
In order to maintain and preserve the quality of our service, we offer 2 minor revisions to your video assets – any additional revisions will be an additional cost.
Please include as much information as possible in each revision request to keep your revisions to a minimum due to the lengthy process of revisions. Understand that every additional round of revisions will be extending the deadline of your project.
Two minor revisions include, but are not limited to:
* Minor Caption Modifications (Grammar, Font Choice, Style/Color, Sizing, Positioning, Removing, Adding, Stylization)
* Sequencing & Composition (Re-arrangement of Footage and Basic Framing)
* Effect Modifications (Remove or Replace Basic Effects or Transitions)
* Color Correction
* Sound Effects & Music Changes
* Remove Captions
Please view our full terms of service for more details.

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