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Get featured in social media ads for HUGE brands that go viral! 


No acting experience needed – Just bring a positive attitude

Starting Rate is $50/Hour.

Some of the brands we work with!


What is VisCap Media?

VisCap Media is an elite crew of marketing professionals that create social media video advertisements for industry leading eCommerce brands. Starting only in 2019, our young company is made up of 30 in-house team members that live and breathe content creation.

This isn’t work for us, we love to have fun and can guarantee when you step into our studio you will have one of the best times you have ever had on set.

Video advertising is a trend that is growing quickly and we would love you to be a part of our team and grow with us! 

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Be seen on every social platform! 


Helping you grow your personal brand and reach!

Work with massive industry-leading eCommerce brands

Gain experience creating user generated content

Get opportunities to over 30 casting calls a week

Be seen by potentially millions of people on social

Get paid

Be in ads that could get MILLIONS of views!

20.1 Million Views

2.4 Million Views

4.3 Million Views

8.7 Million Views (in 26 days)

7.8 Million Views

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Not sure?

VisCap provides a fun and compfortable for where you can be YOURSELF. Whether you’re a professional actor or if you have never acted and your looking try something new and fun, we can can show you exactly what to do! 



Where is your studio located?

Our studio is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Local talent is preferred, but we do a ton of remote casting calls as well! 

5075 W Diablo Dr. Unit 200 Las Vegas, NV 89118

What kind of actors/actresses are you looking for?

Anyone can join our talent team. Whether you have experience acting or not, we can show you the ropes to talking authentically. We accept all demographic, even children and pets! 

What is the age requirement?

There are not any age requirements. We cast talent from the ages of 2-80+. However, those under the age of 18 must-have consent and be accompanied by  their legal guardian.

Will there be compensation?

Yes! All gigs are paid. Our base rate is $50/hour. Exact rates are project by project basis and will be disclosed during the casting call for the project.

How do I get booked for castings?

After you fill out the application and provide a screen test, you will be entered into our casting book! For every project, our casting director is told by the client demographic details on their customers and then our casting director reaches out to all candidates the fit the role in our book. Finally, the client picks their top Canaanites and the shoots are scheduled! 

How do I prepare for a video shoot?

Preparation is always recommended. We have a guide that breakdown what makes good video ads, which will be sent to you during the casting process. This has an example video and a ton of tips for you! We also recommend checking out the client’s Instagram, Facebook, and website to learn more about the brand. 

How long are the video shoots?

Shoots range from 1-5 hours. During the casting call, we will provide details on the estimated shoot length. 

Is this union or non-union?

This is non-union work.

Is this a one time opportunity?

No! There are tons of opportunities to continuously be featured in video ads. We cast 30+ people a week and have 4+ shoot teams running daily at VisCap. 

ready to blast off?

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