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Man typing on a laptop while standing in a parking lot.

Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Ads

The era of social media advertising is in its Golden Age. There’s never been a better time to start placing ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more, even if you’ve never done it before. But if you dive into social media advertising without knowing what’s what, you could potentially waste your marketing dollars and […]
Two women looking through a camera at a man sitting on a bed holding a pillow.

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Video Ads

Facebook has billions of monthly users and, combined with Instagram, is the most popular social media platform in existence. Any online business looking to drive conversions or improve engagement across the board should be advertising on Facebook, especially if they operate in a competitive or niche market. But you can’t just place any old ads […]
Woman working at a desk being filmed by 2 man for an advertisement.

Understanding Instagram Demographics by Industry: Know How to Target Users the Right Way

Instagram is one of the most potentially profitable and effective marketing platforms any brand can use to expand brand awareness quickly. In all likelihood, there are millions of people on Instagram right now who might be perfect users for your product or service. But the trick lies in targeting those users out of the over […]