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Modular Videos Puzzle Picture Metaphor

Modular Videos In Video Ads | Viscap Media

  Modular Content? In Videos? What’s That? If you love solving puzzles you’ll love what modular content is! PharmaPhorum defines modular content as “the process of creating modules of content to be assembled in any way the user requires” and is a general definition that we’ll narrow down later as we talk more about how […]
Brand Influencer Marketing Screenshot

The Brand Influencer Marketing Guide | Viscap Media

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How To Create High-Converting Video Ads | Viscap Media

How To Create High-Converting Creative Video Ads What mistakes are people making with their video advertising? How can video marketers fix these mistakes and succeed in the modern battlefield of video advertising? How should video advertisements be structured and which key elements should be included? Throughout this article we’ll walk you through everything you need […]