Content Creators Are a Dime a Dozen…

VisCap Media is an elite crew of digital marketing professionals, starting in ecom as a group of direct to consumer founders who have built and scaled 8-figure brands that focused on direct response advertising in multiple industries. We’re not just geeks with cameras… We understand marketing, funnels, conversions and social. WE ARE MARKETERS. We understand how difficult it can be to struggle with creating content, as it was a problem we had to overcome in the early stages. Our studio is driven to work as an extension of your team to work together and create content to feed your funnels and turn clicks into your customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help your brand grow through content that turns clicks into customers!

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Meet Your New Content Creation Dream Team!

CCO and c0-Founder

Tyler Stephens

Tyler Stephens is the CCO and Co-Founder of the Las Vegas based online/social media creative agency, VisCap Media. In 2016, Tyler started his journey in ecommerce with his partner Cody,  creating multiple 7 figure online stores in various different niches.

Prior to entering the ecommerce and digital marketing space, Tyler got started in photography and videography in 2008 when he received his first DSLR camera. He began shooting videos and photos of his friends and himself riding BMX bikes.

In 2010, Tyler began his journey as working as a Creative Director on two different print news publications as well as freelance videographer/photographer for weddings and other events. Tyler has developed a wide range of skills in digital media and marketing throughout his career and takes pride in creating creative content that not only looks good, but sells and converts on on social media.

CEO and co-Founder

Cody Iverson

Cody Iverson is CEO and Co-Founder of Viscap Media. Inspired by his grandpa who started and built his own successful business, Cody started his first business in 2016.

In 2017 with his partner Tyler they created their first ecom store which generated multiple 6 figures by the 2nd month. Cody immediately reinvested into his team, himself and elite masterminds like the WarRoom.

By 2019 Cody & Tyler had successfully launched and scaled multiple 7 figure brands. Cody has developed skills in management, leadership, operations, digital marketing and direct response copywriting throughout his career and values putting the customer experience and satisfaction first.

Jordan Staten
Karolina Matejko
Chief Financial Officer
Lester Izquierdo
Head of Operations
Trinity Roy
Senior Account Manager
Madeline Barber
Video Editor
Allison Dollar
Executive Video Editor
Warren Feike
Content Director
Michael Chad Terry
Programmer/Director/Video Editor
Hannah Floto
Art Director/Coordinator
Ken Margolis
Chief Sales Officer
Chris Goodman
Marketing Manager
Carolyn DiPasquale
Project Manager
Sydney Wayne-Riddle
Devin Landgren
Christine Lanier
Executive Administrator
Daniel Sepulveda
Video Editor
David Pollard
Video Editor
Eric Walker
Video Editor
Jacob Walters
Sofia Navarro
Human Resources
Michael Simpson
Niko Silva
Project Manager
Scott Christopher Van Sickle
Prop Master
Ben Pearce
Spencer Westman
Video Editor/Wipster Lord
Lindey Carlson
Graphic Designer
Joe Marotta
Andrew Fogarty
Rylee Boschetto
Ken Margolis
Chief Sales Officer
Andrea Zamudio
Account Manager

Fuck Average, Be Legendary

What We Do

We take the hassle, headaches, and guesswork out of content creation to help make conversion assets as an extension of your in-house content team.

If your a brand owner, Agency Owner, or Affiliate marketer, then we can create branded content that inspires perpetual relationships with your consumers and profits for your business.

Why We Do It

We’re on a mission to grow your business by creating your content that turns clicks into customers  Why? Because content creation is a marathon, not a sprint. Building a high customer LTV is difficult. Thats why we integrate with your team to fully understand your audience on a deeper level to create content that leaves an everlasting impression.

We do it because we think content creation at scale is one of the most challenging and rewarding fields there is in eCom. We do it for your customers, creating engaging content that leaves an everlasting impression… Because ultimately they are the ones who pay our bills.

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Year Established
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If Content is King, Why Are You Treating Yours  Like a Peasant? Face With Rolling Eyes

Been hearing “Gurus” say that all the time? Well.. that shit is actually true! Hear ye, hear ye. Come one, Convert all.. Long live the days of rising CPMs and diminishing reach. The content life-cycle is shortening and the beast is getting hungrier and hungrier. We’re here to quickly unleash an endless buffet to constantly feed the beast with creative branded content tailored to your business that converts and resonates with your customers.

Viscap Media is here to help you feed the beast, create content for your business that converts and resonates with your customers.

Let’s Begin Crafting The Next Chapter In Your Story